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The revolution of training in Australia.

Has been proudly training Australia’s workforce since 1987, that’s more than 30 years.

Has been proudly training Australia’s workforce since 1987, that’s more than 30 years. More than 50,000 students have successfully graduated in qualifications or short courses. Work Skills pioneered face to face training in the workplace rather than the traditional classroom. We created and launched WOLAS (Work Skills online learning and assessment system) more than a decade ago so that students, employers and stakeholders can access digital learning anywhere, anytime. Work Skills delivers a wide range of qualifications across the Automotive, Hospitality, Business and Media industries.

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    USQ has used Work Skills' services for several years. We find the Work Skills online learning and assessment system (WOLAS) to be fantastic. It is one of the few systems I have seen that allows the supervisor to track and manage the progress of our trainees. Additionally, our trainees find their workplace assessment to be very easily managed through WOLAS as they can complete and submit their work in one easy system. The Work Skills trainers are very skilful and knowledgeable and are always approachable and very reliable, especially when responding to trainees and their supervisor's requests.


    OZ Tune use Work Skills because of the experience, knowledge and the old school values of their Trainers. The Work Skills on the job training method allows for the Trainer to engage with my apprentices and get the most out of them. The ability to discuss and tailor the training with the trainer at the workplace allows me to manage my apprentices training with the workplaces needs.

  • Work Skills – Alto Bar – Testimonial


    Bar Alto uses Work Skills training service for many reasons. We find the experience, knowledge and passion of the Trainers are exceptional. The Trainers are very personable and hands on. They take time to listen and understand the business's and students' needs. The Work Skills on the job training are a great fit for our restaurant as this allows for all parties to meet regularly to discuss, plan and address the progress of our apprentices.

    Another innovation of Work Skills is the WOLAS electronic system because it minimises the amount of paperwork required and allows us to better track the student's progress which is fantastic for a busy restaurant like ours.


    Here at Dollis Auto we have used Work Skills for nearly 15 years. As a small family owned business we find Work Skills on the job training methods work really well for our busy shop. We don't lose our apprentices to block training as the Work Skills trainers come into our workplace and perform hands on training with our staff. This type of training allows for the training to be customised to our workshop needs and the apprentices can progress at their own pace.


    Tyreplus Burleigh Heads has used Work Skills training and assessment services for our staff for over 10 years. We have found their on the job training methods to be very flexible and reliable and fit perfectly with our busy tyre store. We like how the Trainers customise the training to suit the types of jobs we do here and this means our students see how the learning applies to their job. When it came to obtaining my own qualification naturally I chose Work Skills to complete my qualification through RPL, which was a rewarding way to show how my years of experience is of value. I enjoyed the experience.


    Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort believes Work Skills services to be very reliable and effective. We enjoy the cost efficiency of the Work Skills training and assessment service as their on the job training methods means that our apprentices and trainees do not have to leave the island to attend a college to participate in training, as Work Skills Trainers comesto us and are always willing to work hands-on with the students in our kitchen.

How We’re Different

A unique and forward-thinking approach to training.

The Work Skills well-established and industry embraced learning model engages employers as partners, to ensure the student is provided support, communication and is given every opportunity to succeed in their career path. All training is delivered in the workplace, which allows every student to receive a customised training plan to suit the employer’s needs and resources and the student’s preferred learning style and pace. Learning and assessment in the workplace has become more and more essential to Australian businesses demands, as it’s flexibility leads to more cost-efficient and productive outcomes.

Hands-on training with Work Skills trainers

Customised training plans

Benefits both employer and trainee

Processes That Work

Focused on finding the best solutions for you.

To ensure quality and consistency within a business that delivers training across a range of industries Australia wide, Work Skills have developed systems and processes focused primarily on customer solutions. Processes like our unique Continuous Learning Cycle, Stakeholder Checkpoint Meetings and our own 5-Star Trainer Excellence Program. Work Skills engages Customers and Industry on a regular basis for feedback and involving them in validating the learning and assessment processes to ensure we build on the quality systems integrated throughout the business.

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Continuous Learning Cycle

Work Skills delivers training through a planned, systematic approach to ensure every student is supported and engaged consistently, regardless of location throughout Australia. The Continuous Learning Cycle is the perfect combination of workplace, face to face training supported by digital learning & assessment, supported with planned communication contact and feedback points.

Checkpoint Meetings

The Checkpoint Meetings engage the Student – Trainer – Supervisor in planned meetings over the duration of the training for the primary purpose of creating an environment for open and planned discussion to achieve the desired outcomes. Each Checkpoint has a purpose and set agenda. It is facilitated by the Work Skills Trainer and engages the learner and the supervisor/employer. There are three Checkpoint Meetings: Initial, Mid, and End.