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What’s it about?

This qualification reflects the role of a skilled operator in digital video, radio and online content creation, or a skilled assistant in the film and television production services who applies a broad range of competencies in a varied work context, using some discretion and judgement and relevant theoretical knowledge.

What job could it help me get

  • Camera/Lighting Assistant
  • Editing assistant
  • Interactive Media Author Assistant
  • Production Assistant

Then what?

Pathways into the qualification
Candidates may enter the qualification with limited or no vocational experience and without a relevant lower-level qualification.

What needs to be completed?

11 units of competence are required to complete this qualification within the specific requirements as set out below:

  • 3 core units
  • 8 elective units
  • 6 elective units must be selected from the list of electives.

The remaining 2 elective units may be selected from the remaining elective units listed in any endorsed training package or accredited course at the same qualification level.

Elective units must be relevant the the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment, and contribute to a valid vocational outcome.

Okay, so how do I do it?

Option One: One-on-One Training
We’ve found that being trained and assessed as an individual is the most effective way to learn, and retain information and knowledge. We can deliver training wherever there is access to the resources required to complete the qualification, and in most cases, supervision by a qualified supervisor will be required. This allows you to have the training delivered at your own pace in a timeframe that suits you. We come to you and deliver training that fits into your work/life requirements. All assessments are completed at a pace that suits your needs. Work Skills uses a state-of-the-art online learning and assessment system known as WOLAS Revolution; so you don’t need a whole lot of books, you just need access to the internet.

Option Two: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
If you’ve had lots of experience in this industry or similar in the past, you may be eligible for RPL. Recognition of Prior Learning means that you don’t require the training but rather you just need to be assessed on each unit. You will need to draw on all your past experiences so that you can demonstrate that you have already acquired the knowledge and skills. You may be eligible for some units through the RPL process whilst other units may require some training.

Language, Literacy and numeracy

Every qualification has an expected level of language, literacy, and numeracy requirements.

Therefore, at the commencement of a qualification, we will ensure that the student’s ability to comprehend LL&N is recognised and any issues that may impact on the opportunity to succeed in completing the qualification are identified. Work Skills works offers support solutions, including additional training time, additional support from an industry or LL&N specialist, different methods of assessment and more. Essentially, we do all we can so that you achieve your qualification.

How long will it take?

A flexible approach is offered by Work Skills to deliver the training and assessment. The nominal duration to complete this qualification is 12 months full-time.

If this qualification is completed part-time, or as a school-based student (SAT) then the nominal period of 24 months applies and in the case of SATs the maximum “time completion framework per year” applies.

As this training is competency-based, students are able to complete the volume of learning at a pace that sees completion before the expiry of these time frames; however, the completion dates can vary from student to student, but will not exceed the nominal duration.

How much will it cost?

In most cases you will be able to access funding assistance from the Department of Education and Training (DET). Work Skills delivers the above qualification under numerous scenarios including a Queensland Government DET funded User Choice Contract. There are other options available under VET in Schools programs and the like. This qualification may be applicable to a gap fee and/or travel expense. Call 1300 360 567 now to find out more.


Units of Competency Ask a Question Express Interest See All Course Units