School leavers - University isn't your only choice

School leavers – University isn’t your only choice
December 7, 2018 Work Skills

In Australia, we are often pressured by our family and friends to go to university. It is still seen as the surefire way to a good job and a happy life. However many reports are showing university students taking longer to finish their degrees, and nearly a third of graduates are struggling to find work in the first four months after uni.

Going to university costs tens of thousands of dollars, and you end up spending four or more years of your life sitting in a lecture hall and doing assignments late into the night.

Is that really how you want to be spending your youth?

There are other educational options for you!

If you want to continue a formal education after graduating from high school, university is NOT your only option. There are many other alternatives to university, with a wide variety of registered training organisations (RTOs) delivering all kinds of courses and certificates.

Maybe you want to manage your own business, or want to create become a chef in a world-class kitchen? From learning how to get a car motor running to helping you unleash your creativity, RTOs offer endless opportunities to learn and can get you studying without the hefty course fees or years of hitting the books.

University takes up a lot of time, time that you don’t have

University courses require students to spend hundreds of hours a semester on campus, with many seminars and tutorials being compulsory. Most universities recommend at least 10 hours a week is spent on a standard university subject. For the average student, that’s 40 hours a week of listening to professors drone on and on. Over the course of a degree, you’ll spend over 4100 hours in lectures and classes!

Imagine what you could be doing with all that time if you weren’t spending it on campus!

You could be working, earning money for a trip to Europe or saving up for your first house. You could be chipping away at your own side hustle, or even just spending some extra time with friends and family.

Study online and earn while you learn!

What you need is an RTO with online study options.  Studying online, with helpful videos and informative case studies,  allows you to learn on your own time and within your own schedule. If you want to make money while studying or go on holiday with friends, you don’t have to plan these things around a busy uni schedule.

Studying online is the flexible option for you!

Work Skills has been providing students with face-to-face training in the workplace rather than the traditional classroom for over three decades. Over 5000 students have graduated with certificates and in short courses using our revolutionary Work Skills online learning and assessment system.

If you want to earn while you study and not sit through four years of expensive and boring lectures, then browse our range of qualifications and contact Work Skills today!