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What powers the pulse rate at Work Skills is the excitement and confidence that comes from having access to a team of Coders, Database Specialists, and Content Developers that has, since 2009, been developing the purpose-built learning and management platform that is WOLAS Revolution. It is that constant revolution of ideas without limitations on what is possible, that is at the heart of what we do.

WOLAS REVOLUTION – Work Skills – Accredited Training Organisation

Work Skills is powered by WOLAS Revolution.

WOLAS provides learning through video, infographics, images, case studies, animations, and so much more.

All learning has been designed by us, an RTO, to specifically address assessment requirements and drive the students to seek answers, practice tasks and build portfolios of evidence. However, WOLAS is so much more than e-learning. It is a platform that manages a student’s progression through each unit of competency through to completion of a qualification.